What people (claim) they read in a newspaper

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Another day; another expensive, professionally executed survey based on people’s version of the truth. Hmmm. We’ll run it anyway. It’s Roy Morgan Research’s long-awaited survey into what sections of the daily newspapers get read and which don’t. The study takes into account all dailies bar the AFR.

If these results are accurate, then most of the copy being slaved over is being passed over. That’s showbiz. At least this is a wake up call for reporters who all tend to presume that every reader reads their story.

Newspaper circulation may be declining (papers write stories on this most days) but they are still gold to publicists as beyond their own readership they influence TV and radio agendas. Every radio and TV newsroom is full of newspapers but print journos aren’t all huddled around the TV and radio unless there’s live sport to watch.

Newspaper reading survey

What gets read and what doesn't.


Damn shame they didn’t ask specifically about social affairs. I guess our issues are filed under News. So we win.

Newspaper reading by gender

Weren't we all supposed to be the same by now?

In case you thought that we’d achieved some kind of progressive balance between the genders; think again.

Once more we’d have loved to see which gender reads the social affairs stories. Need we bloody ask?

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