What can Donald Trump teach your boss?

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Yes, he is insufferable and appalling. Yes, he stands opposed to the values Hootville and its citizens hold dear but there is one thing the Donald can teach your boss – the use of video.

Short, sharp, opinionated videos from your boss – or anyone else you deem appropriate – will see the average time spent on your site expand, the repeat visitor percentage rise and the overall impact of your site increase.

The Trump in full flight.

It doesn’t take a grant from Screen Australia. It takes a $500 video camera from the local discount warehouse, natural light and a GOOD QUALITY microphone. You may have to spend a bit more to get a camera with a lapel microphone connection – spend the dosh. This beats a shotgun microphone. Others may feel satisfied with the quality gained by their tablet or phone which is even cheaper.

If you don’t already have the editing software you need lurking unused on your computer, go to download.com and get yourself some. There’s free stuff and some cheap stuff.

DO NOT give over editing and uploading to the resident nerd. Doing everything yourself means you are the mercy of nobody.

Donald (or his handlers) have set up this shot nicely. Note the reasonably tight framing, and the slight angle to camera. He’s seated at his light-filled desk – good. Very boss like. After a speaker gains some confidence you can branch out on location. By then it’s time to find some additional speakers.

The content should be valuable, thought provoking and passionate. Don’t try to be perfect in the delivery – it’s OK for a speaker to have some cue cards in her hands – just try to keep it short, sharp and natural. 90 seconds is plenty. Edit with fast whiteouts as Donald does at 53 seconds. It’s a no-fuss look that doesn’t try to be perfect.

When you’ve recorded something worth showing, start a YouTube channel.

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