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You already know that good search engine results depend on many factors – the length of copy on your page, the URL of that page, the age of that page and the images on that page. There are many more factors of course but let us talk images for now. By “image” we mean photograph, graphic or illustration.

Images are a key factor for Google when evaluating the credibility of your page. Google  knows that over all, pages with more images are more credible and information-laden than pages with less images. Credible, valuable, much-referred to pages are the pages it wishes to recommend. 

So #1: use images, preferably more than one per page. Find an excuse.

Using images to boost SEO

This alt tag aims for people investing in property at 590 Orrong Road.

#2: take time to fill in the details relating to that image when you insert it into the page via your content management system. As the image on the left shows, filling in the Alternate Text box (the “alt tag”) to your image takes seconds and helps Google’s robots understand what the image is. Be sure to use search-savvy terms. If you want new mums to see your site, use a term like “parenting advice for new mums” as the alt tag text. 

Sadly many images are inserted with no alt tag information. No alt tag information = no way for Google to understand the image = bad.  Change this image by image ASAP.

#3 The image / file nameis also important. Digital cameras usually give pictures

using images to boost google rankings

Yes, we're just using this second to boost SEO. So sue us!

an alpha-numeric name such as jpg35018ki which is not helpful to Google. The world’s most committed SEO-savvy marketer (that’s you, yes?) will rename the file to something SEO- friendly such as “autistic child receives free early intervention”. This is time consuming but it will help you forever.

#4 Refer to the image and what it describes in text near the image. Eg: Note above the text we wrote as part of tip #2. It mentions the image and explains the image. This helps Google understand the image.

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