app savvy 101 webinar

App Savvy 101

Thursday April 26, 10am to 11.30 – (one place remaining)

apps for nonprofits
Don’t worry, get appy.

The world has gone app mad yet most nonprofits remain unappy. This workshop – which is about marketing not technology – will help you decide if your organisation should develop an app for smartphone or Facebook.

Jay McCormack of Imponna joins Hootville’s Brett de Hoedt to co-present this thoroughly interactive 90 minute webinar for nonprofits – both tech savvy and not. On the agenda:

• The rationale for developing an app. Is it a worthwhile enterprise for you?
• What’s possible? What clever app could you offer the world?
• Developing a brief.
• Finding a developer.
• Choosing your platform.
• The all important: how much will it cost?
• Measuring the return on your investment. What can you reasonably expect?
• Examples from appy nonprofits.
• Promoting your app.

One big outcome of this webinar is that you will become a better informed client, likely to gain more from your app developer. Knowledge = power. Be quick to book. All details here.

Presenters: Jay McCormack works with dozens of Australia’s blue-chip nonprofits including the Australian Institute of Management and the RSPCA through his consultancy Imponna.
He lives and breathes technology but understands that technology is not an end unto itself. He has trained nonprofits in social media and website optimisation.

Jay has developed apps and successful online enterprises. He is an early adopter having Facebooked when it was still in black and white and tweeted in the early unlimited-character era. You get the drift – he knows a great deal about technology.

Comments from Jay’s presentations:
 “5 out of 5 @jaymcc”
 “Many thanks for an informative and worthwhile presentation”
 “Jay is a wonderful presenter, very knowledgeable and thorough”
 “Fabulous presentation. Jay’s presentation style is excellent.”
 “Jay is an asset to [company name withheld], his knowledge and professional manner is to be commended”
 “Jay is always entertaining and clear, gives great examples and speaks in multiple tones to keep you interested and attentive”
 ” Thanks again for the superb and enlightening presentation”
 “Very clear delivery of message, easy to understand and informative”
 “Excellent! Very relevant & interesting”

More about Jay and Imponna.

Brett de Hoedt is the self-proclaimed mayor of Hootville Communications which has worked with 300+ nonprofits over 13 years. Hootville offers training in media, marketing and online communications. In the last six months Brett has delivered training to several dozen nonprofits including Australian Services Union Vic / Tas, MS Australia NSW / Vic / TAS, Taxpayers Australia, Victorian Legal Aid, Jean Hailes Foundation for Women, Evolve, UnitingCare Burnside, Surf Livesaving NSW, Cancer Council Victoria, City of Glen Eira. You get the drift – he trains a lot of nonprofits. Reviews here.

Be appy, together with: Australian Veterinary Association, Central West Community College, Australian Catholic University, Jean Hailes for Women, Eating Disorders Victoria, Domestic Violence Resource Centre, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Orygen, Victoria Legal Aid and more.

Fee: $165 inc GST per nonprofit organisation. Gather as many folk for the webinar as you wish at one location. $33 per additional location. For profits $275 inc GST same terms apply.

Notes: Participants will be sent key points after the session.

About the webinar: We use webinars to maximise access, lower costs and minimise travel. Participants receive a PowerPoint presentation and teleconference call-in details prior to the session. To participate all you do is find a phone and dial in as per a typical teleconference. You can choose to view the accompanying presentation on your computer or print it out beforehand allowing you to break the shackles between you and your computer.

Bookings: Email brett[at] with the names of participants and the number of locations from which you will be dialling. You will be rewarded for this with an invoice.

Questions: Call Brett 03 9017 1062.

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