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eMarketing Savvy workshop. Mass email (eMarketing) isn’t sexy or new but for most nonprofits it can reach more people, more reliably and create more response than other communications options, including social media. Yep – better than social media.

Why the hell do Coles, QANTAS, Ticketek, Facebook and Amazon keep sending you emails? Because they work. Right now we guarantee there are improvements to be made to your eMarketing.

So why aren’t you communicating more, saving thousands of dollars on direct mail and getting to know whether anyone actually reads what you write? Could your current emails be doing more for you? Yes. A lot.


  • Why bother? Advantages, costs and other benefits.
  • Moving from Outlook to a genuine mass email system such as MailChimp.
  • Selecting an eMarketing platform such as MailChimp
  • Designing a gorgeous eNewsletter template; we’ll look at many examples.
  • Creating and building databases – we have 12 + ways to make it big.
  • Boosting your open rate – another 12 or so ways to inspire the double click.
  • Analysing statistics and making changes as a result.
  • Finding the right content and tone.
  • How often and when to send? Does time of day matter? (Hell yes.)
  • Robo-emails – what are they and how can they help you?
  • Creating serial emails.
  • Subject boxes.
  • A / B testing for better results.
  • Email as the basis for a sales funnel.
  • Tweaking your website design for maximum conversion.
  • Tricks of the trade – re-sends and killer introductory messages.
  • Lots of time for Q&A and open discussion.

If you have wallets to empty, minds to fill, hearts to win, votes to garner, classes to fill, clients to gain, customers to regain – do this workshop.

We don’t wait to cash your cheque before helping you. 1. Watch this video:

eMarketing training

Build your database

emarketing training
Inspire subscribers to rad what you send.



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Your trainer: Brett de Hoedt is the Mayor of Hootville Communications which has worked with 500+ nonprofits over 15 years. Hootville offers training in media, marketing and online communications. He is a former journalist and broadcaster with a true and abiding passion for nonprofit marketing.

In the last 12 months Brett has worked with Heart Foundation, Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF, Commonwealth Bank, Public Library Victoria Network, Leading Age Services Australia, Disability Employment Australia, City of Baw Baw, BirdLife Australia, City of Yarra, Anglicare, Early Childhood Australia, LG Pro…the list goes on.

Rave reviews here. The workshop is fun, challenging and practical. If you find a more passionate advocate of eMarketing than Brett de Hoedt, take their training instead.

‘Meet’ him yourself.

Will this be worth the money?

  • You’ll gain more subscribers.
  • You’ll boost your open rate.
  • You’ll be in regular contact with hundreds or thousands more people at virtually no cost.
  • You’ll have a clear idea of how to segment audiences.
  • You’ll know how and what to test.
  • You’ll be able to create a series of emails to create a sales funnel.
  • You’ll design a sign up page that converts at significantly higher rates.
  • You’ll create bribes that encourage more sign-ups.
  • You’ll create automated emails that keep relationships warm.
  • You’ll meet and learn from other eMarketers (who are probably wearing several communications-related hats).
  • You’ll save thousands on wasted direct mail and advertising.

Preparation: Brett wants you to hit the ground running so there’ll be pre-workshop prep.

A review of each participant’s eMarketing. Specific recommendations for improvement.

Follow-up: participants get follow-up coaching for four weeks after the session.

Our notes will set you free.

Our notes will set you free.

Notes: participants will be sent comprehensive notes after the session.

Guarantee: if you put Brett’s advice into action and don’t see a boost in database size, open rates or a tangible benefit to your organisation Hootville will refund 110% of your fee.

Questions? Call Brett de Hoedt 0414 713 802.

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