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Your trainer, Brett de Hoedt

Hootville Communications offers media training, marketing training and communications training across Australia and it’s stupendous.

Our training is dynamic, practical and challenging which is why the reviews are this good. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn. Details for each workshop are on the right.

Who do we train? Our media and communications training clients include Amnesty International Australia, Greenpeace, WWF, Berry Street, Australian Red Cross, Australian Conservation Foundation, Telstra Foundation, Landcare, Our Community,Ian Potter Foundation, Fundraising Institute of Australia, Financial Services Union, Neighbourhood Houses, AusAID, Cancer Council, Oxfam, endless local government authorities, Sustainability Victoria and Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. You get the drift. 600+ clients since 1999.

How do you book us? Most of our workshops are booked by one organisation for their own development. However we are often booked by a peak body or collective which then invites members to attend. Local governments often book us then invite community groups or small businesses to attend. Sometimes smaller organisations share the training with other similar organisations. (We can sometimes help make this happen.)

We have no typical size or place – we’ve trained groups from 1 to 100 across Australia. Most of our training takes place at our client’s offices and runs from 10am to 4pm though we are flexible. We happily train during evenings and weekends when required.

We run workshops at conferences, usually as a concurrent session.

We very occasionally hold public training sessions which are always listed in our diary and shamelessly promoted via our various social media and eMail channels.

How is Hootville’s media and communications training different?

12 months support

Would you like a year of back up support for your staff with that?

We understand that great workshops leave you smart and excited but putting what you’ve learnt into practice can be a different story.

That’s why we include 12 months of follow-up coaching and advice for all participants in our standard privately booked workshops.

Participants can call us when they need help to pitch a story idea, write a headline, draft a speech, perform for an interview, develop their website, start a relationship with a journalist, select an ambassador, market an event – whatever you need. If we covered it in your specific workshop, we will help.

We think that makes our one day workshop more like a year of training and support.

Here are some other things you won’t get from other media and marketing trainers:

Media Savvy includes story pitching practice in which participants telephone a journalist (played grumpily by Brett) in an attempt to persuade him to take on the story. This is more practical and more important than spending precious training time tweaking your next media release – yet it is rarely taught. The improvement to your pitching will be dramatic and quick.

Interview Savvy participants leave with a list of banned jargon and an accompanying list of mandatory facts, phrases and messages to be delivered no matter what questions are asked. We also simulate talkback radio in the class – after all its the fastest, cheapest way to gain media coverage 24 hours a day.

Online Savvy includes an introduction to Facebook advertising using real life examples showing what works, what doesn’t. And of course we cover Twitter too.

There are lots of trainers from which to choose but not all are created equal. Here’s why Hootville is worth considering for your media or communications training:

  • we have worked with 600+ NGO, NFP and community groups;
  • up to 12-months of unlimited coaching;
  • we tailor workshops to your priorities;
  • trainer Brett de Hoedt is a former journalist (New Idea, 3AK, ABC Radio Perth, Sunday Age) turned social marketer;
  • we don’t just teach this stuff – we practice it daily in our consultancy;
  • we supply 30-40 pages of notes after the session.
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A little something for the weekend.


Notes: There’s no denying it – as our notes age they continue to put on weight. At around 40 pages, our standard private workshop notes include everything covered in our workshops and a whole lot more. You’ll never need to reach for 50 Shades of Grey again.


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A trainer who loves to train.

Find out more about trainer Brett de Hoedt right here. He’s a journalist-turned-social marketer who trains several dozen groups a year. Makes your one of them.

Note: we do not pursue opportunities unless we’re a good fit for the prospective client. We’ll take an initial enquiry from anybody in your organisation but to ensure that we are a good match Brett insists on talking to a key decision-maker as part of the process. This clarifies what the client actually needs and will actually receive. This is only fair for all parties.

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Exit via our giftshop.

Finally: why do so many people who call themselves trainers give so little of their knowledge away for free? Every day Hootville Communications offers free media, marketing and communications advice to hundreds of website visitors, 2400 eNewsletter subscribers, 900+ Facebook pals and 1600+ Twitter followers. We think that walks our talk nicely but this collection of free resources is the icing on our resource cake. You are most welcome. Or tune in to our YouTube channel.

Call Brett de Hoedt right now on 0414 713 802.

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