Greatest pitch of all time? Not Danny Boyle.

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Those of us in marketing spend a lot of time and energy having to convince others about the merits of ideas. Whether it be a journo or a boss, ideas are our lifeblood and getting them approved is life or death.

We at Hootville often spend time wondering how advertising agencies get their expensive, high-risk, often flakey ideas the green light from conservative corporates.

“Hello Coles board. We’re going to spend millions on a campaign featuring a girl running around a dry paddock, who sees a vision of Cathy Freeman. Trust us – people will be rushing to your supermarkets. Best stock up on groceries. Honest.” 

the greatest pitch of all time

Could you pitch this? One thinks not.

We spend a lot of time talking about pitching story ideas to journalists on this site and in our Media Savvy 101 workshop. However, after the London 2012 Opening Ceremony we have an inarguable benchmark for the greatest successful long shot pitch of all time: the pitch of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Jumps Out a Helicopter sequence.

It was the idea of opening ceremony director Danny Boyle but the pitch itself was left to the Queen’s deputy private secretary to Edward Young. Eternal kudos Mr Young. His powers of persuasion are clearly formidable.


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