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Talk like this – save koalas

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Deborah Tabart of Save the Koala Foundation is the best thing to happen to koalas since eucalyptus. Tabart has been a media staple for a couple of decades and is the go-to spokesperson on all things koala.

"I'd have a champagne with Deborah," said this marsupial. "But I hardly drink."

Her performance on RN Breakfast Friday was exemplary which is why we’re using it as an example.

2.30m: Is this woman authentic? Comfortable? Across her brief? Passionate? Oh yeah. But tough! She gives credit to the Minister when it is due but wastes zero time pointing out flaws to keep the story alive and place more pressure on decision makers federally and in Queensland.

4.00m: “The Victorian government perpetuates this myth” Don’t hold back Deborah! Great stuff. Challenge your enemies likewise.

4.25m: A direct challenge to the Minister to go koala spotting together  – this will be taken up by journalists looking for a story. Names specific locations – sure to hit home with listeners in those areas. Plugs her Facebook, quotes data and invites herself back on the show.

5.30m: shows how she is connected to the issue and her supporters. 

6.05m: insults a committee on which she served. Then debunks some large sounding funding. Civilians (people outside nonprofits) get suckered by seemingly large amounts of money – break figures down as Deborah has.

7.10m: “It’s not going to save our koalas”. Now that’s a take home message for listeners.

Combative, tough, entertaining, passionate, Deborah positions herself as a leader. Kudos to you. You could do the same dear Citizen – couldn’t you?

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Disability nonprofit uses YouTube to promote its Ambassadors

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Marriott Support Services has been developing its band of School Ambassadors since 2009. These 15 young adults with a disability speak to school groups, parents and employers about making the transition from school to adulthood as a person with a disability.

The Ambassadors talk about moving from a protective home and school environment to TAFE, work, public transport and independent living – all of which can be made more complicated by disability. They speak of the value of work experience, dealing with bullies and the secrets to their success.

Hootville is working with the Ambassadors in two ways:

1. Conducting group and one-to-one Speak Savvy 101 workshops to refine, expand and develop their presentations. Then supplying on-call assistance for 18 months.

2. Developing, shooting and editing 15 brief video biographies of the Ambassadors which will be uploaded to a new YouTube channel in a bid to wrangle more speaking gigs.

The group is comprised 100% of character actors and is a joy to work with. We’ll tell you when the videos are online in early April.

youtube for nonprofits

Trust us; YouTube is going to be big. Bigger than Friendster.

Here’s some wise words on getting the most out of your YouTube channel.

Videos are a great way to promote your speakers, staff, programs, bequests and events. Incorporating video into your website is the single most effective way to dramatically boost your online impact. To discuss, call Brett 03 9017 1062.     


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