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Fundraising platform recommendations wanted

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A client of our wants a personal recommendation on fundraising platforms. You know – the sites that allow passionate supporters to raise money from their networks via running marathons and the like such as Everyday Hero etc…

fundraising advice wanted

There's nothing unusual about this. Nothing at all.

Our client is a small over-achiever of an organisation, run entirely by volunteers. They were recently taken aback by the steep commission taken by one leading site.

We also want them to use a site that makes it easy for fundraisers to raise more funds through social media and other cunning features. Of course we want a site that has runs on the board and is proven to work.

Please – no direct approaches from such services. We want the Citizens to speak. Email


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Media training in Sydney

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RIDBC chooses Hootville for media training

RIDBC is ready to expand its profile.

Hootville is flying non-Tiger to Sydney to deliver a media and marketing workshop to the gung-ho marketing team at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. The training workshop will emphasise planning and gaining maximum coverage for priority issues with an emphasis on securing more statewide and national media. 

Voiceless logo

Voiceless will be anything but after our training.

Hootville will also deliver a full day’s media training to media spokespeople and public presenters of animal rights think tank Voiceless. Voiceless is keen to gain more from media appearances and is equally keen to put its public presentations under the microscope.

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Australian non profit shows backbone

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It’s rare that we see non profits risk their relationship with government. Victorians have had some recent examples with RSPCA Victoria challenging the government on jumps racing and Job Watch highlighting its defunding.

Now we see another example from Environment Victoria which is also being emasculated by the new regime. (Can anyone see a trend emerging?) At least they are going out swinging.

Ask yourself – could our organisation launch such a fight – presuming it had the need and the nerve?

Consider your ducks. Are they in a row?

Are your campaigning ducks in a row?

By ducks we mean – eNewsletter with a big fat engaged database; Twitter account with tuned in followers, website that is easy to update and worth visiting; media contacts ready to take your call?

Do your clients, participants, donors, board members even think of you as an organisation that needs to fight for itself in the first place? Or are you seen as part of the furniture, humbly delivering services until someone in government closes you down?

It’s too late to establish these channels and change the culture when crisis – or opportunity – hit. We think Environment Victoria’s ducks are in fighting formation. Good luck ducks.

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Australian non profit internet awards.

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Internet awards for non profits

Like the Logies but for websites.


Isn’t it time your genius was recognised? The Australia New Zealand Internet Awards 2011 has categories for non profits which are doing smart things on the interweb.

Register your interest and the giant, oversized novelty cheque could be yours.

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