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Emcee helms 3rd conference for Disability Services Australia in Sydney

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master of ceremonies sydney

Ready to master some ceremony

For the third year running Brett will emcee the Disability Services Australia conference in Sydney. The two day event is an investment by the major aged and disability services provider in 200 of its staff who are nominated to attend the event.

It’s an all-too-rare show of concern for workplace culture in a sector that is often stretched beyond such considerations.

Brett will also deliver a keynote about customer service: Manager of First Impressions.

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Emcee for Australia’s national disability employment conference selected

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Emcee Brett de Hoedt will master the ceremonies at the Disability Employment Conference in Sydney August 18 to 20 2015 in Sydney.

emcee in Melbourne Sydney

Emcees should inject levity and extract interesting contributions.

It will be his eighth consecutive turn in this role at this conference.

“They either love my work or don’t know how Google: ’emcees + Australia’,” says de Hoedt who speaks and emcees events across Australia.

The event brings together 130+ organisations, dozens of exhibitors as well as speakers including SBS Insight’s Jenny Brockie, Senator Mitch Fifield, former federal disability discrimination commissioner Graeme Innes, South Australian Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent and maverick economist Stephen Koukoulas.

To discuss your speaking or emceeing needs call Brett 0414 713 802.

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The Hootville agenda…

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Online: We’re building sites for Inner Melbourne VET Cluster, a family violence network headed by Women’s Health Goulburn North East and a campaign-specific website for an aged care peak body.

speakers available in australia

Hootville is ON.

Speaking: Rotary Kyabram and Our Community’s Grantmaking in Australia Conference.

EmceeingCommunities In Control 2013, Inner Eastern Lean Local Education Network, Minds At Work, Fundraising Institute of Australia, Coonara Community House, Disability Employment South Australia, Disability Employment Australia, Community Care Case Managers Conference.

Training: Australian Psychological Society, Victoria Law Foundation, Marriott Support Services, City of Gosford, City of Moonee Valley, Mitchell Shire, Monash Volunteer Resource Centre, Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre, City of Boroondara.

Campaign planning: a breastfeeding alliance in regional Victoria headed by Women’s Health Goulburn North East.

And that’s why we never answer the telephone.

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Two gigs secured for Brett on plane

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6am flights are quiet. Cabin lights are dimmed, shutters down and claps trapped. It was only as Brett stood to grab his carry-on luggage (being careful in case bags had shifted in flight) that he was approached by the man he’d to which he’d silently beside.

“Are you Brett de Hoedt?” he asked.

“Why yes.”

Between aisle seat 22C and the top of the exit stairs Hootville had two new gigs, both for Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Brett will emcee the graduation ceremony in Melbourne and speak about media at the annual CSL media bootcamp in Warburton.

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Media training Melbourne reviews are in.

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So on to more about us. Here’s how Brett scored for the recent public Media Savvy 101 training in Melbourne and below for his work as conference emcee for FRSA:

  • Presenter’s knowledge of subject matter: 97.5%
  • Presenter’s ability to explain concepts: 97.5%
  • Degree to which you were kept engaged: 97.5%
  • Degree to which the content matched expectations: 92.5%
  • Practicality and usefulness of advice: 92.5%
  • Quality and usefulness of notes: 95%
  • Value of the PowerPoint presentation: 92.5%
  • Enjoyability: 97.5%
  • Venue and catering: 95%
  • Would recommend? 100%

So have you booked your place at the Sydney Media Savvy 101 yet? We have two Melbourne folk flying up just for the occasion. It’s smarter than waiting for another two years.

Conference emcee reviews:

Here’s how the good folk at Family Relationship Services Australia reviewed his schtick in 2011 at their national conference. If you’re wondering what venue scored so highly – it was the Sofitel in Brisbane and it deserved every plaudit.

emcee for hire
None too shabby.


emcee sydney

Look at all that blue.

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Hootville to emcee ACFE conference in Melbourne

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What does ACFE stand for? We’ll tell you: Adult Community and Further Education. Who is emceeing the 2012 ACFE metropolitan provider conference on October 18 and 19? We’ll tell you: Brett de Hoedt. Now you know.

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Conference emcee scores sixth event in a row

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Disability Employment Australia (formerly ACE National) has engaged conference emcee Brett de Hoedt for its national Disability Employment Conference for the sixth year running. This year’s conference is in Melbourne. If you work in disability employment you should join 500 or so of your colleagues (and Brett) at the Grand Hyatt Wednesday August 8 and Thursday August 9.

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Emcee Brett de Hoedt again judged short of perfection

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emceeing Australian INstitute of Company Directors


Having recently attained a score of 4.85 out of 5 for his conference emceeing in Brisbane, Brett de Hoedt was granted 4.44 out of 5 by the tribal chiefs (otherwise known as nonprofit directors) at a recent Australian Institute of Company Directors event in Melbourne. 

“I guess that’s a downward trend,” observed the media trainer and emcee who used the term “bollocks” twice in his AICD presentation about nonprofit marketing but declined to utilise PowerPoint.  

“Still; at least I have something to aim for,” he said. “I’m refusing all non-carbohydrates until I can find the extra .56 that separates me from perfection.”

The link between carbohydrates and public speaking remains unclear.

Jennifer Bate from the AICD ignored Brett’s request for pasta but added; “We have had some fantastic feedback. I hope you feel the effort was worthwhile; it certainly has been from the audience and the institute’s perspective.”



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Sydney emcee meets vital organ about town

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Sydney emcee at conference

He's really a down to earth guy. Kinda quiet. Always smiling.

Cynics often claim that the life of an emcee is vacuous; filled with nothing more than champagne bubbles. Well they are correct. In what other role could you hobnob by the Harbour with larger-than-life Love Your Liver campaign mascot O’liver? (Well we suppose you could work in hepatitis prevention but that’s another story.)

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Conference emcee role for Brett in Ballarat

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Brett de Hoedt will again act as emcee for the Community Case Managers Conference which will this year be held in Ballarat on November 24 and 25. The ambitious event brings together case managers working with a range of people including those with aquired brain injuries, the elderly and the disabled. It’s Brett’s second turn as MC for the event.

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