Reading list Thursday March 22, 2012

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The Irish are revolting. Again. An interesting grass roots movement against a new tax that is clearly getting results. Or lack of results, so to speak. Care of the New York Times.

Retro protest movement poster and ephemera showcase care of Collectors Weekly.

Talking sense to climate change deniers care of Climate Spectator.


What’s the biggest pay rise you’ve netted for yourself when changing jobs? Guess what percent payrise members of the US Congress gain on average when they leave politics and become lobbyists. Now double it…again…again… Care of Boing Boing.

robo journalists

Karlbot and two buddies from the newsroom.

Oh yes – do you recall the robo call robots we spoke of recently? They had been made redundant due to new legislation in the US limiting such calls. Well there’s good news – those robots have found work in the media. As journalists.  Frankly robo-journos are hardly news. Look how well Karl Stefanovic has done for himself. Read all about it care of the The Verge.

The campaigning techniques of Stradbroke Island sand mining company Sibelco have been exposed. Guess what – all those letters were truly written by the “women of Stradbroke” after all. Care of The Australian.

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