Reading list May 30, 2012

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Brett thinks Malcolm Gladwell of Tipping Point et al is over-rated. Squiggle think Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw is “inspired”.

marketing advice

The revolution may not be digitised after all.

Regardless, the perennial New York Times best seller has penned a piece for The New Yorker on social media revolutions which is worth a read unless you’ve got work to do, in which case close this down immediately.

If you’re still reading this far you are looking actively for a distraction. You could do worse than 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One which is for PR and comms folk like you. This goes double for consultants and freelancers. Warning: this site is very American and very corporate in its references.

twitter blooper

Naughty naughty bollocks. AKA lies.

This is oldish but a good PR blooper looking at true blue Aussie celebrities being paid to tweet. Cringeworthy, amateurish and possibly illegal. Courtesy of Mumbrella.

This is a MUST READ from Hubspot about your website and why people hate it.

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