Reading list April 23, 2014

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Semi-regularly we gather together a collection of worthwhile marketing-related reading material. Consider it a mixed bag of lollies for your mind. Enjoy.

We’re guessing that a Sunday paper conducting a hatchet job on your charity would be your worst nightmare. Well this charity discovered that the ending can be a happy one – and financially rewarding. As in 1000%+ rewarding.

Singapore tourism commercial

You'll wish they never met.

Many fundraisers and business developers invest time taking people on tours of their operations. This is a guide as to how to do it well.

If you enjoy reading our thoughts we suggest you add some of these 50 marketing blogs to your daily investment in professional development. We read them all daily. Honestly.

Gosh, for such a sophisticated nation Singapore really does churn out some cringe-worthy tourism and government commercials.

And just because this is such a cool way to end an interview. This is a treat and takes exactly 20 seconds.

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