Media Relations

Media relations is the craft of gaining TV, radio and print coverage of you and your issue. We do this pretty darn well; averaging 200 or so hits a year over the last decade. We know how to create coverage from very little at all.

Some clients use us to gain media coverage on an ongoing basis; others for a specific project, event, anniversary, speaker or launch.

We also offer media training for those who would rather DIY.

Tip#1: you can create media coverage artificially through speakers, conferences, surveys, data, protests and more. A quality PR team may suggest ways to create media coverage from nothing. We call these catalysts for coverage.

Tip#2: you can get plenty of quality media coverage piggybacking on someone else’s hard work. A smart, responsive, pro active organisations stands always ready to offer itself to media for expert commentary and perspective on any breaking news. You don’t have to be the author of the latest carbon tax report, to talk about its impacts on your industry or clients. You don’t have to issue the federal budget to be able to talk about how it impacts on your ability to deliver services. The quick and the confident can freeload their way to coverage.

Tip #3 You don’t need to know 100 journalists. Just six would be enough to get you the coverage you desire.

We gained media coverage on the lack of police training relating to mental illness.

Media coverage gained for confronting short film Polly and Me screened on channel ABC1.

Barry Manilow writes the songs, but we write the editorials. (Despite the by line.)

Part of a tsunami of coverage on voluntary euthanasia.

This story has all the key media elements – conflict, controversy, courtroom drama.

Good news travels fast. This time in WA Today.

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