PR Campaigns and PR campaign planning

Genuine PR campaigns are more complex than straight media-orientated campaigns. PR campaigns probably incorporate media coverage but also deploy a mix of online communications, lobbying, mobile billboards, street teams, awards programs, public speaking programs, events and so on.

Campaigns may aim to influence how people vote, shape how politicians spend our money, encourage law reform or gain new members. That’s your choice but a campaign worth its salt must be ruthlessly driven by a purpose. It’s surprising how many aren’t.

Hootville has campaigned on issues including the introduction of voluntary euthanasia, disability employment and youth homelessness. We can drive your campaign or help you plan your own campaign. See below.

These mobile billboards rolled out in Victoria’s election week.

PR Campaign Planning

Some PR and communications campaigns need a kick start, which is where Hootville comes in. We can plan, provide ideas, refine messages, familiarise you with your audiences, make your events more media friendly and advise on the best way to prosecute your campaign. Then it’s over to you.

This is ideal when you want wheels reinvented, less-experienced teams mentored or petite budgets husbanded. You gain from everything we’ve learnt over a decade of communications consulting.

We’ve worked on awareness weeks, government lobbying, report launches, speaker tours et al with over 200 organisations. If we liked jargon we’d say that equals a lot of “learnings”. Happily we don’t.

We’ve recently developed PR plans for Hepatitis Australia, Agsafe, and would find it a very rewarding experience to do likewise for you.

We usually begin with a workshop that combines training with planning. The outcome is a document – straightforward, practical and aimed at results.

In this document we look at your issues, your audiences, their perceptions, key messages and compare various marketing options from mobile billboards, to letter writing campaigns.

We will include the specific ideas for your campaign and provide a timeline of activities.

The plan is usually accompanied by our training notes which give you the savvy to deliver on the plan. Post workshop it’s over to you. Hell; you might actually use some of this stuff.

This bubble map clearly explains our PR campaign approach. Doesn’t it?

Well-to-do Subaru-driving people often back campaigns.

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