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Hootville tries to resist self-indulgent nostalgia but turning 15 is worth a toot of the horn. (And a giveaway detailed below – closes Friday July 4.)

Our first client was the delightful multi-gold-medal winning Paralympian Priya Cooper in 1999. Brett scored a bagful of media coverage for Priya (she was an easy pitch) and felt the distinct adrenalin rush that came with securing each hit. Then came a nonprofit Asia-Pacific women’s development bank client. Brett’s media release landed coverage with its headline: “Women’s bank to refuse male customers.” An empire was founded micro business was born.

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Employee 001. Don't be fooled by his dusty exterior. Kevin's thermal roll is ready to unspool at a moment's notice.

Brett’s first employee was Kevin the talking fax machine (left). “Fax” doesn’t do Kevin justice as he is also a phone, copier and scanner. He still serves casually and was used last week to fax a regional shire. Once more Kevin’s bon mot rang out: ”Transmission is complete”.

Last century is millions of emails and many, many unfinished administrative tasks ago. We’d like to thank all our former clients, staff and current associates, none more so than our mascot and mentor Squiggle.

Hootville has served 500 clients, delivering hundreds of training workshops, emceeing scores of events, birthing new websites, creating PR plans and giving advice – some of it quite sage. We are proud to serve the NFP sector not as a pro-bono favour, nor as a novel source of revenue but as the bread and butter of our business.

We’ve achieved far more and far less than we hoped. Yep – both. That’s showbiz. Regrets; we’ve had a few but then again…

We are very proud of the amount of free advice we’ve given away via the Hootville Lowdown and website. Thus we thought we’d give something else away to celebrate. How about 15 free advice sessions? 15 telephone sessions each of 30 minutes duration to discuss anything you want in the world of marketing, PR, comms and campaigning. If we can help we will, otherwise…well it’ll just have to be awkward. Your whole team can join in.

Just email us who you are and what you want to talk about. 250 words max. We’ll choose the 15 winners to represent a mix of causes and circumstances. As always we’ll stay true to our motto: Communications for good; not evil.

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