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Brett recently presented Because Youth and Beauty Ain’t Enough to the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program. here’s what the program manager said: 

“Your session was one of the highest rated of our whole Melbourne trip. Very cleverly designed. You’re a pro.”

Lucy Mayes Program Manager, Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program

Here’s what the program participants said:

“Just brilliant! He put on a good show and he is very clever! What he says makes sense and I can’t wait to get the resources from him and plan to use them for my community work. Very powerful stuff!”

“Wow! Not nearly as scared of or embarrassed by the idea of my personal brand – actually Brett’s words have given me prompts and strength to develop that brand in line with what I believe and am aiming for.

“Great session from a skilled operator, who used the short period very effectively to transmit his message and advice – would love to do some more work with this gentleman!”

Loved Brett – he is a born entertainer.  I took away the importance of having a check-list and scoring yourself.  I will now make sure that when I attend a meeting I will ask at least 2 questions and I will encourage others to contribute.”

“What a professional speaker. Had us in his hands within minutes. Rapport, use of room, engaging, eye contact, choice of words, (NLP). By the end he could have said anything and I would have had difficulty disagreeing with anything he said. Extremely persuasive in a fun way that we were not even aware of the fabulous ride we were on.”

“I was a little sceptical at the beginning of this session (the title challenged me!) I soon became very interested. The concept of ‘personal branding’ wasn’t one I had considered before. Now I find myself subconsciously branding people!”

“Brett was great his presentation reminded me of David Parkin (Coach of Carlton) Very forward, direct & confident. He also showed great qualities like Peter Dhu – Overcoming your nerves and speaking without fear; Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway !!! I gained a wealth of knowledge from this session.”

“Brett  had us laughing a lot, however his message was still vital and clear about our own brand and reputation.”

“Great session, loved the interaction, just have to implement in my work/life.”

“Brett was one of a kind and really taught us how to self-promote. He was the most energised and engaging speaker I’ve ever listened to. I took away a lot of tips from this session.”

“Very entertaining. Really good information about branding and communication. Have already gone to his website and youtube channel and watched some of his videos.”

“Very worthwhile information about personal branding. I am looking forward very much to receiving the links he was going to share with us.”

“Brett builds confidence and helps to recognise own virtues while having fun and being happy! Excellent session.”

“Fantastic session. Funny, informative, lots to learn.”

“Humour is always a great way to learn! Very relaxed and enjoyable session.”

“Hilarious…. really reinforced for myself that I am what and who I am and my portrayal of that is what makes the difference. Be proud, stay confident and don’t opt out.”

If only he was conducting three public workshops in 2016. Oh yeah – he is.

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