The Prime Minister will hear you now

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard has agreed to be a part of a Google + Hangout in which she will answer questions from the great unwashed as lots of people watch online. 

The great unwashed (that’s you) can pose questions for the PM and vote for other questions that tickle your fancy at You get seven votes – which is six more than the government gives you.

Why not pose a question and use your expansive social medias networks to vote them up the ladder? Don’t let climate change deniers set the agenda.

emcee for hire

Test one, two. Test one, two.

The project is a coming together of Fairfax Media, Deakin University and Google Australia.

Brett (as evidenced by the photo on the left) emceed the physical launch of the online democracy experiment last week.

He self-evaluated himself very highly.

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