Reading list March 6, 2012

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The LA Times reports that 200 small nonprofits may have done their dough in the collapse of a private agency.

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These three links are the equivalent to this much off-line reading. Really.

The SMH reports that NSW is changing regulations around political donations. These changes may motivate non-political parties with political goals to spend and campaign directly as opposed to donating the money to parties.

That may sound very democratic but in the US this leads to campaigning without fear of backlash. Major political parties may hold on to some semblance of dignity but fleeting and well-funded campaigns are more likely to play the race, class and religious cards which we see less of here.

The Age claims that our public servants are costing taxpayers big dollars to be taught to write. $55,000? Hootville charges significantly less. It’s a shame we read this after being booked to deliver our second Copy Savvy 101  for the Australian Services Union in two months. 



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