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We’ve whelped another website here at Hootville: for our dear client Leading Age Services Australia which represents age care providers, residential and community-based.

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Drop in, sign on, help out.

It’s part of a campaign we helped develop to improve funding for the several hundred thousand professionals working in the sector.

The campaign and website’s title comes from the stat that 3 million Australians are aged 65+. We need more professionals to care for them. Worse; with our growing and ageing population we need to find a 300% increase in age sector professionals by 2050. (Thinking of a career change? Call us.) Anyhow – notable features of the site:

This website features a gateway. Our client is eager to garner signatures to the campaign so we created an unavoidable gateway or landing page with a very simple sign-up form.  Please sign up won’t you…

We created printable posters which people can print off and display – particularly in their age services workplaces. We are encouraging supporters to be photographed with the posters and send them in and – guess what – they are.

We used real photography as much as possible, developed case studies of real workers in the sector and distilled some fast facts.

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