Nonprofit TV advertising: too clever?

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This CSA for Leukaemia Foundation’s Shave for a Cure featured during the Australian Open Tennis coverage. It’s slickly produced, humourous and clever but is it too clever for its own good? We’re not sure.

A lot happens in 30 seconds. There are a lot of words and ideas in this script.  Does the movie trailer satire get in the way of explaining and encouraging the concept? We fear so.

Mind you; the Chins (as we’ll call them) have featured for a while now and helped raise tens of millions so perhaps we should leave well enough alone.

One Response to Nonprofit TV advertising: too clever?

  1. Jek says:

    I hate these ads. And it isn’t clear that they are sponsored CSA’s. The blitz advertising is causing a backlash. I have heard many comments that if they waste that much on ads then they don’t need the sponsorship. Not a good look for a NFP. .