More media coverage for you this year – no excuses

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We love media coverage – nothing gives you better return on your investment or more influence. Specifically we love radio. More specifically, we love ABC Radio which devotes more airtime to the issues people like us want discussed. More specifically still we love ABC Radio National which has been fertile ground for our clients for over a decade. If you don’t listen to ABC Radio National you are missing out on some of the most (and least) interesting radio in the country.

Well good news  – Radio National has been rejigged. Beyond its new moniker RN; it has a new schedule with fewer pre-made documentaries and features and more live content. This equals many more opportunities for you. So too do many new programs on religion, ethics, media and food.  

Add up small audiences across the country and you get one big (and well-connected) audience.

The bad news is that the flagship news and current affairs program ‘PM’ which is broadcast on both Radio National 5pm in most states has been halved to 30 minutes. Dumb!  Happily ABC Local stations everywhere still play it at 6pm for the whole hour. Thanks to my erstwhile commentors for the clarification on this BTW.

Some possibilities on the agenda:

  • Breakfast with Fran Kelly (issues and news-drive stories)
  • Life Matters with Natasha Mitchell (personal stuff: relationships, parenting, caring, soocial trends, ageing, disability) 
  • Drive with Waleed Aly (10 new hours a week of news-driven content to be filled – fill it!)
  • Download this Show (social media, www, online activism – doing anything different online?)
  • Awaye! (Indigenous affairs)

Tune in and get a feel for the shows. Think of all your programs and priorities and find or devise a story. Need help doing this? Book yourself a Media Savvy 101.

2 Responses to More media coverage for you this year – no excuses

  1. Mark Newstead says:

    Hi Brett,

    Just a point of order on the RN update, especially the reduction of time for PM.

    The full Hour (less 10 mins of News at the top of the clock) is still broadcast on ABC Local Radio, in every market in Australia. Summer Cricket coverage especially test cricket often supersedes PM’s broadcast on Local Radio, but otherwise the full length can be heard, and indeed is listened to by many more listeners who only tune to ABC Local radio, notwithstanding your exhortations to try RN!
    Also, the show is podcast daily MON-FRI the full Monty (50 mins) accessible as an RSS feed here:-
    Great to hear you extolling the virtues of the medium I too adore, as I read your blog on Feb 13 World Radio Day.

    Mark at MediaMARK Australia “making sense of media”

  2. Mark Newstead says:

    …and the time for PM on Local radio is 6PM Mon-Fri.