Brett was on TV.

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Mayor of Hootville Communications Brett de Hoedt scored some airtime on ABC1 news recently in the aftermath of (another) horrendous planning decision by the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal.

media trainer on TV

But first; Brett de Hoedt has broken his silence.

The case itself isn’t important (Lend Lease vs The Community with Lend Lease winning the final in straight sets after a two year battle) but Brett has been burning up bandwidth reliving his several seconds in the spotlight and believes that you have a right to know (that he was on TV).

So what did the media trainer learn from his TV turn? “It’s almost not worth practicing TV news grabs as the final edit is so brief and represents such a small percentage of your overall interview. I delivered what I thought were two much stronger grabs but they were presumably left for the director’s cut to be released in 2037.”

In what was a big day, Brett played the role of TV journalist, interviewing his fellow Orrong Group member Margot Carroll when Channel 7’s camera operator appeared at the photo opp without a journalist.  Old habits die hard.

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