Reading list June 7 2012

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Bono says that a great lyric sounds familiar the first time it is heard. He may be right but now there’s some science investigating why some phrases are more memorable than others. This technology review article explains more and offers you the opportunity to take the test that uncovered just why some lines stick in the memory more so than others.

social marketing poster

Well it certainly influenced those two chaps' decision.

Sex workers and soldiers go together like…well you get the drift. However this relationship has long been frowned upon by the military. At least officially if these vintage public education posters found on website Lost At E Minor are anything to go by.

Many marketers dream of creating a viral video hit that takes the planet by storm. Aparently this one is hot, hot, hot. Rarely have we seen a video so strongly recommended.

pr mistakes

This can't be good.

Newsflash: journalists all hate publicists. Never mind that they would have nothing to say without us – they resent the inane pitches, the perky voice on the other end of the phone and the contrasting fortunes of the two professions. Who could blame them, poor saps. This article found on website Grist, is the sort of thing journalists write when they receive one too many media releases.

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