Brett goes west to turn medicos into tarts

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Global speakers on global issues.

Brett de Hoedt, speaker and emcee at large will cross the continent to persuade the 650 or so young medicos at the Global Health Conference in Perth that if they really want to save the world they’ll need to engage the media.

His keynote title? Embracing your inner media tart.Find out about this and his other presentations.

Many event organisers complain about a lack of attendees. There’s always something to explain the low numbers. Well this event is run by full-time medicine students who have an overworked and impoverished target audience yet the event goes gangbusters year after year, even when located in a rather remote location. Go figure.

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Black and white is always flattering.

Organisers even created a fetching sketch of Brett for the program.

It is likely to be just one in a series of modern touches that will leave Brett feeling old.



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