Headline writing advice #1 be very interesting

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We used these examples in our Copy Savvy 101 webinar to show how easy it is to write a lazy headline when interesting content lies within.

These headlines are actually subject box copy for eNewsletters but the fundamental truth remains: be interesting or go unread.

Subject box headlines for eNewsletters are more important than regular headlines as they will be a major factor in the decision the reader makes to open or not open your work.

We know it ain’t easy but headlines are there to entice, intrigue and cajole. Why not segment your list into two and test two subject box headlines – one straight, one not?

It’s a crime to have your words go unread.


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4 Responses to Headline writing advice #1 be very interesting

  1. Caitlin says:

    Please tell me the use of “illiteration” was deliberate (top pic).