New Greenpeace TVC takes Coca Cola to task.

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Greenpeace Coca Cola

So far, so no dead birds.

The phrase “well I hope they know what they’re doing” comes to mind when viewing Greenpeace Australia’s crowd-funded TVC which squarely paints Coca Cola as the bad guy in the battle to increase plastic recycling rates.

The commercial features many classic cola commercial motifs – beach, friends, cool kids – and oh, dead birds dropping from the sky. Many of them.

Whether this will spark recycling legislation and incentives from our state governments¬†or end up as a lawyer’s picnic, only time will tell. One thing for certain: the creative team behind the jolting effort understands at least two marketing truths:

1. you can’t mild people into action.

2. executing a newsworthy marketing option might cost a lot of money and take a lot of courage but it is repaid many times over in the free media coverage it gains. We think it’s bloody good. Warning: anyone who claims that the birds will be too off-putting for the campaign to achieve its goal is missing the whole point and shouldn’t be working in social marketing.

Rascist Mountain Dew commercial

This goat needs a 12-step program.

BTW: this rapidly-dropped Mountain Dew commercial has been described as “the most racist ever”. The news story does a pretty good job in explaining what is a rather complex story. You see there’s this goat addicted to soft drink…

Your thoughts on these two are welcome.

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