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A new website along the lines of My School may be unsettling for Australian charities according to this Daily Telegraph item. The comments section reveals the seething mass of distrust towards charities and ignorance of fundraising methods in working class Australia. It makes for depressing reading. We guess it’ll be up to nonprofits to come together, organise, campaign, explain and educate the donating public. Oh dear.


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Radio National keeps out the riff raff. One of only three Australian radio stations not to have a ‘Battle of the Sexes’ segment.

An interesting discussion on Late Night Live with Phillip Adams on ABC Radio National about overseas aid and the role of religion-based aid agencies. According to one guest most of Africa’s entire health budget is financed by western Christian aid organisations. Make thyself a beverage and have a listen.

Life Matters interviews Carole Renouf the newish CEO of National Breast Cancer Foundation. Her thoughts on the required consolidation of charities makes it worthwhile.

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Something for everyone. The sick, the concerned, the worried well...

Background Briefing gives this insight into the corporate-driven lobbying age, focussing on they way drug companies market pharmaceuticals. Brett once met a publicist who had just left a job as a PR manager with a bona fide member of Big Pharma. Her specific role? PR manager for contraceptives – domestic animal contraceptives. Who knew that you could make a living generating positive spin for kitty contraceptives? Who knew cats read reviews?

So how do you market against ignorance?



Also – if you don’t already feel engulfed by despair at the depth of human ignorance in 2011 read this piece from the LA Times about why many Pakistanis refuse the polio vaccine.

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