Job listings updated May 26, 2011

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We just sent 2000 or so people job listings as part of the Hootville Lowdown. Did you get it? If not; subscribe today.

We don’t want talented can-do, go-getters like you finding gainful employment in the arms manufacturing, tobacco or people smuggling sectors. That’s why we list non profit sector jobs in marketing, communications, fundraising, campaigning, membership and PR in the Hootville Lowdown. We don’t list them on our website – just online.

We select gigs from across the country and across sectors: local government, statuatory authorities, charities, service providers, education, health – you name it. We don’t list positions that are being recruited by professional agencies on behalf of non profit clients – we think agencies charge enough and don’t need our help. Feel free to send us a brief email with any suitable positions in need of a marketing boost. We have created some surges in applications on occasion. Of course it is free. Just briefly detail your organisation, position title and a link to more information. Pass this on to your HR people. Or is it person?

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