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Good news Australia – one time Hootville consultant Gareth Wills is about to make his triumphant return to Australia after two years of eating, drinking, breathing maple syrup in Toronto.

nonprofit sector job wanted

As this recent portrait demonstrates; spending time in Toronto has left Gareth somehow more...Canadian.

Simply: he can do media relations, copywriting, digital, social and more. Hire him.

Gareth was embedded with Hootville from December 2006 to February 2011. While here, he acquitted himself on accounts no less diverse than the Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria, Yooralla, WayOut and YourLastRight.com. He is also fondly remembered for creating snapping many of the Squiggle pics used in the Lowdown over the years.

Since leaving us, he’s been mixing it up in the big bad world of the multinational (specifically, in the online marketing department of Toyota Canada Inc.) but says he’s eager to get back to his first love – the not-for-profit sector.

If you’ve got a communications need in your organisation, you might want to consider snapping him up. With Canada now conquered, he officially touches down on March 4 and can be reached at garethewills@gmail.com for punters looking for more detail.

Of Gareth, Brett says: He’s very smart, never panics, loves learning, maintains a skeptical perspective and sly sense of humour. His skill set is unusually broad and any nonprofit operation would be foolish not let him get away. He’s also a very good human.

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