Fundraising platform recommendations wanted

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A client of our wants a personal recommendation on fundraising platforms. You know – the sites that allow passionate supporters to raise money from their networks via running marathons and the like such as Everyday Hero etc…

fundraising advice wanted

There's nothing unusual about this. Nothing at all.

Our client is a small over-achiever of an organisation, run entirely by volunteers. They were recently taken aback by the steep commission taken by one leading site.

We also want them to use a site that makes it easy for fundraisers to raise more funds through social media and other cunning features. Of course we want a site that has runs on the board and is proven to work.

Please – no direct approaches from such services. We want the Citizens to speak. Email


4 Responses to Fundraising platform recommendations wanted

  1. Laura Cvetkovski says:

    Hi Brett,

    Would love to hear what comes of any recommendations you get.

    We use a customised, NFP version of Salesforce which integrates with our website. Although I have not explored it enough to find out if there are any cunning fundraising features, eg, social media integration!


  2. Mick Power says:

    Hi Brett, we used Online Giving for our marathon, and that worked quite well.

    It has social media integration, but it’s a tiny bit clunky – I find it much easier to just copy paste the link to the page and put it into Facebook and Twitter etc yourself.

    They charge on a commission basis – can’t remember what it is, but it’s reasonably low. For that, you get a weekly update on how much you’ve raised and who is raising it for you through what page.


  3. Marion Creek says:

    We use and have found they are a good way to have donations directed to us.