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Just think - Brett may have written a Lowdown on this very desk.

Please help Hootville declutter and attain peace by taking away this useless (to us) bunch of office equipment and furniture. Everything is free to a good home – preferably a small, poor community group. You’ll have to pick up the booty from Prahran, Melbourne.



We have four of these desktops (above) each measuring approximately 180cm x 60cms and ranging from good to very good condition. They sit unattached on the pair of bases. The bases each have a shelf which can be removed to accommodate a desktop computer tower. We only have two pairs of the bases but the desktops sit equally well on two-drawer filing cabinets. Get creative. How about stacks of unread annual reports?

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Ignored, depressed, purposeless.

This mobile magnetic whiteboard is actually rather good. It can accommodate pads of butchers paper from the two black screws you can see at the top of the contraption. It has arms that can extend either side to display extra information, sits on castors, has a little tray for markers and works in most languages.

Just to think – Squiggle first brainstormed the corporate governance structure for Dachshunds Without Leashes on this very whiteboard.

Here’s the deal – please email through your request with your telephone number and a brief explanation of your group. We’ll gather the first half a dozen or so and give it to who we see as most worthy. Zero correspondence will be entered into. You’ll need to get them out of our site ASAP.

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