Free Facebook advice part one

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Facebook is a curious beast. Most of us use it for personal purposes and fall into the trap of thinking that there’s not much difference between personal use and campaigning / promoting via Facebook.  

Here’s one difference – as a mature, well rounded adult, you aren’t concerned with endlessly building a bigger presence, gathering Fans, increasing the number of comments and deepening interaction. (We sure hope.) 

However as an organisational Facebooker you should be. So how do we do that?   

We’ll be posting some Facebook advice and information for organisations aiming to get more from this medium which commonly fails to live up to expectations. 

Facebook use revealed
That’s strange. Facebook peak useage coincides with working hours. Slackers!

This graph comes from a three year study by company Vitrue of useage habits. We first found it on

One conclusion we draw from it is that we should post early in the day, before the tsunami of content comes in.

Remember – it’s all about appearing in the other people’s newsfeeds. This is counted as the number of ‘impressions’ your content receives. And NO everything you post does not appear in all your Fans’ newsfeeds. More on this shortly.

Next up: Does the day of the week or the quarter hour during which you post content have an effect on the number of impressions you receive? Clue: yes.

Coming soon: the Facebooks pages getting the most interaction from readers and why. Clue: you’ll be surprised.

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One Response to Free Facebook advice part one

  1. Bede says:

    Enjoying these tips, looking at it from an organisational marketing perspective. Keep it up.
    Be interested in more comment about the conditions under which “everything you post does *not* appear in all your fans’ newsfeeds. If you can wave your wand and give some case studies / tips on going viral, that would be pretty good too. Have a nice day but, hey, no pressure.