free Facebook advice part 2

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Another day another infonugget with accompanying graphic. It’s every girls’ dream! This time we look at the time of the hour that people post content and comments. It appears that the first 15m of each hour is the time that we make comments on Facebook. We suspect that this may be the ‘settle down to work’ factor.

When people post comments on Facebook

The first 15m is the busiest.

By this we mean that people often start or restart work after interruptions such as lunch or meetings, on the hour. But instead of getting stuck in to their work they check out  Facebook (and their email) before settling down to work.

Anyhoo, surely this suggests that posting in the last 15m of the hour would place you prominently to gain an extra comment or two. And remember – anyone who comments or Likes you will be more likely to have your content appear in their newsfeed.

As we said in the last item, your content probably doesn’t appear in your fans’ newsfeeds unless they have interacted with you previously and recently. If you’re averaging less than 1% interactions you’re largely Facebooking to nobody. Fear not; we can all do better. More on this shortly.

So far, based on the data we should post early in the day and in the last 15m the hour.

Next: days of the week.

Once again thanks to and Vitrue.

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