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Facebook advice

Hump day woes eased with Facebook

Monday sees the most new posts placed onto Facebook.  Perhaps it’s a pleasant way for comms folk to start their working week. (We’re not talking personal sites here BTW, just brands and organisations).
However Wednesday is the clear winner for the number of (all important) comments and Facebook activity overall.
Combining the three things we’ve learnt so far we know that we are more likely to receive interaction from our Facebook fans and likers if we post earlier in the day, in the last quarter hour of the hour on Wednesday morning. 
Of course all this is more valuable, the more fans you have. Get enough of a following and a 1% rise in interactions can mean hundreds of comments. We wonder which Australian NFP has the most Facebook support and which has the highest percentage of interaction. They could be the same but we bet they ain’t. Pop quix – do you know the percentage of interaction your Facebook efforts gain? Shame on you.

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