The best emcee in Australia

Whether you are planning an awards ceremony in Melbourne, gala fundraiser in Sydney, an exhibition on the Gold Coast or a conference in Perth you want the best emcee for your event.

Your audience has been to enough events to know the drill – they want someone who does more than look spiffy and says the things emcees are always saying. Boring!

A guide to finding Australia’s best emcee. Or at least a better-than-average emcee.

Signs you may have the wrong emcee

She tells you that she is the perfect emcee for your event – no matter what type of event it is. 

He tells the audience where the toilets are located. Never have we seen an audience member caught short. Never do we need to waste hundreds’ of people’s time with this issue.

She introduces speakers by reading the bios contained in the program. We presume your audiences are literate enough to do that themselves.

He spends most of your time talking about how they: used to be on TV / played professional sport / climbed Mt Everest.

She uses phrases including but not limited to: “Night of nights” and “Everyone here is a winner”.

He gets your organisation or sector mixed up with your rival organisation or sector – and doesn’t care.  

She wants a script or autocue machine. An emcee should have a brain and not be afraid to use it.

He depends on magic, balloon blowing, puppetry or similar gimmicks.

She thinks they justifies their fee by their celebrity.

He indulges himself in excruciating ice-breaking or team building games.

Signs that you may have the right emcee

She takes enough time to establish a rapport with the audience at the beginning of the event – but no more.

He recognises and discusses common themes and contradictions between different speakers at different times.

She politely keeps indulgent or disingenious speakers honest with a smart question or two.

He is aware of the major developments in your sector or industry.

She constantly forward promotes the afternoon’s tonight and tomorrow’s activities.

He makes people laugh, think and feel like they are spending their time well.

She can improvise with the crowd and throw in the unexpected.

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