Hootville delivers six workshops across Australia covering media training (Interview Savvy), public speaking (Presentation Savvy) copywriting (Copy Savvy) digital marketing (Digital Savvy) media relations (Media Savvy) and marketing (Marketing Savvy).

95% of our workshops are booked by clients. Clients may be one organisation, a peak body which then offers the workshop to its members or a group of like-minded entities. Clients can book a workshop for the time and place that suits them. Typically a client may train up to 12 of their team but there’s no hard and fast rule. Call us to discuss your options 0414 713 802.

Occasionally we stage a workshop and invite the public. Public workshops are ideal for individuals or smaller organisations which cannot justify a workshop of their own. These are ad-hoc and available on a first come-first served basis. Details of upcoming public workshops are listed on this page and promoted shamelessly via email and social media. Let us know which workshops you’d like us to stage publicly – this is often the catalyst for a public workshop.

Next public workshop: Presentation Savvy. Melbourne, Thursday December 7, 2016. Details below.

What about Sydney?

Most of our six marketing, public speaking and communications training workshops will be staged in Sydney throughout 2017 as public sessions. If you are anywhere outside Melbourne and have a hankering for one of these workshops to be run as a public event call us on 0414 713 802.

What about private sessions?

Got more than a couple of prospective attendees? Book your own private training session anywhere, anytime, which is how 90% of our workshops are delivered. Train your whole team, tailor the agenda and save a bundle.  Call Brett today on 0414 713 802 and let the savvy begin.



Melbourne, Thursday December 7, 2016. Book now or book your own – anywhere, anytime. Every leader needs to present with panache to peers, staff, prospects and investors. Be a confident, engaging and persuasive public speaker whether you’re addressing a conference of 1500 or a boardroom of three bored directors. Develop stories, examples and engagement techniques from a speaker selected by Al Gore’s team to present to 500+ future climate change leaders.



Book your own – anywhere, anytime. Nothing beats media coverage for influence or return on investment. You are currently missing out on media coverage that can educate the public, fill your coffers and gain you influence.



Book your own – anywhere, anytime. You aren’t making the most out of the internet are you? Digital Savvy boosts your bottom line whether you’re seeking customers, clients, students, donors or supporters. Search engines, social media, websites and email marketing will be de-mystified in this practical workshop.



Book your own – anywhere, anytime. A poor media performance downgrades reputations and derails careers. People who are considered “good talent” by media will find themselves in demand as commentators, experts and leaders. From this, opportunities will flow. Learn how to deal with media with aplomb. Is your business or your cause ready for its close-up?



Book your own – anywhere, anytime. Copywriters do much more than just write. This practical copywriting workshop covers the contemporary copywriting skillset – from SEO and social media to content marketing and the art of getting a great quote from the boss. We analyse your writing and discuss opinion pieces, speeches, media releases, audience research, developing a brief and soliciting meaningful feedback. Hundreds of examples from around the world and across the sectors.