Hootville developing new community health website

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Hootville has started work on an entirely new, dramatically improved website for nonprofit Inner South Community Health Service. Like so many other nonprofits ISCHS has been under-served by its website for too long. That changes in about 20 weeks.

community healthservice website

Staff hold little nostalgia for the existing website.

The biggest challenge will be wrangling approximately 160 services – that’s right 160 – into more intuitive groupings to enable punters to find what they seek quickly. 

There is dental, GPs, drug and alcohol counselling, fall prevention, Indigenous-specific services, domestic violence services and many many more.  

At a four hour planning workshop today we reached broad agreement on approximately 15 service categories: physical, mental, social, family, youth, older etc. By the way – is it OK to use the term Seniors to refer to older people? Your alternatives are welcome Citizens.  

We’ll show you the ISCHS site it launches mid year. Meanwhile if you want to talk to us about developing or planning your next site call Brett on 03 9017 1062. To get more from your current online presence order up an Online Savvy 101.

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