Ask Brett: boosting your email open rates

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Pondering his answer. Hard.

We recently spied a nonprofit marketer’s query on Facebook and decided to turn it into the first Ask Brett in which Citizens are invited to ask Brett a marketing question which he’ll do his darndest to answer. Send your question to

The perplexed marketer requested anonymity but her query ran a little bit like this:

I work for a [insert private sector website serving the nonprofit sector that sends 64% of you weekly emails] and we’ve seen a dramatic and sudden drop in email open rates. We’ve investigated technical issues but that’s not the problem. Any suggestions to boost open rates?


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This will have them racing to their inboxes in anticipation!

So we created a whole free PDF eBook about it.

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Open Up! has more than a dozen ways to ensure more precious double clicks, more often.

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Don’t forget to share any results you gain via these tactics and email us your Ask Brett questions. 

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