Advertising vs lobbying

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This piece from blogger DragOnista about lobbying was reproduced in today’s Crikey! and is worth a read. Anyone observing the recent work of the mining, religious, gaming, tobacco or car lobbies understands how important a presence in the corridors of power is. The factory farming lobby in the US is currently lobbying to make undercover photography on its properties illegal. This will knobble protestors. How convenient for the industry. How could this even be considered? Strong lobbying is how. Strong lobbyists enable industry’s with minority support get their way.

Marketing Savvy 101: ID your audience and target ruthlessly

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Targetting black, female Obama supporters. At all costs.

American marketers  – social or otherwise – don’t have Australians’ skittishness over race. All manner of campaigns – from soft drinks to financial services – are specifically aimed at cultural groups including these remarkable social marketing campaigns aimed squarely at the black female audience. 

Anti-choice campaigners Life Always identified black women as a key market for terminations and obeyed marketing rule #1: Tailor your message to your audience.

Thus Life Always tried to leverage black female support of US President Obama to engage and persuade their audience. They also took design cues for the billboard, now displayed in Chicago after being booted out of New York, from his 2008 campaign posters. They threw in a single statistic.

Note the use of the word “our”. Cunning. The idea behind that single word is that the black community sees the message and feels that it delivered not only to the black community but by the black community. This abortion-is-a-black-issue idea is more prominent in this billboard which is also inspiring howls of protest.

Abortion is aparently a black issue.

Billboards are a great way to geographically target an audience which is why most of the 30 billboards will be placed in the predominately black south side of Chicago.

And how about this soundbite to target your audience?

Life Always board member Rev. Derek McCoy said, “These are babies who could grow to be the future presidents of the United States, or the next Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington or Maya Angelou.”

Can you imagine ever targetting an ethnic community to such an extent? You should.  Hit Leave a reply to make a comment.

Read all about it.

Our Community launches biggest community conference of 2011

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This year, like every year, the Communities in Control conference co-convened by Our Community and Centacare will be Australia’s largest gathering of the NFP clan. Harass and harangue your boss to get your backside trackside for this affair. (Literally trackside as it is held at Moonee Valley Race Club, Melbourne.) Hootville has been involved as publicist / MC at the event since 2006 and can attest that there is nothing can top it. And we’re not just saying that because they pay us truckloads of money. Sadly.

Are these award winning videos really that good?

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You’ll enjoy slacking off “researching” these award-winning NFP videos from the  DoGooder Awards. We like the handwashing promotion best – simple, silent, shows what the charity does, celeb-free and uses production techniques that we could all emulate.

The others are pretty darn clever-pants, v mainstream, dependent on $$$ or pro-bono help. Lining up 24 celebs isn’t creative. They are all too long, though these are no doubt the fullest unedited versions. We know we shouldn’t kvetch so much but still…

big Brown gift gets big hit for Bush

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Jess Hunichen scored this nice hit for client Bush Heritage Australia which was inspired by Sen. Bob Brown’s donation of his Oura Oura property in northern Tasmania to Bush Heritage Australia. Good use of storytelling by CEO Doug Humann.

Welcome to Hootville 3.0

Our latest online incarnation is built on WordPress and carries the hopes and dreams of its owners on its digital shoulders. Not really but we are excited to have a new site that will do more than our previous site including give away champagne. More on that elsewhere. Read More

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Anyone for champagne?

2011 will see a greater emphasis from us on training and MCing which is why we’re offering rewards for information leading to such gigs. It’s like Crimestoppers but for training and MCing. Read More

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Get some RT amore

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Want to start your own revolution with Twitter? Or maybe just feel that you’re doing more than sending 140 innocent characters into the wilderness never to return. You want your twitterings to catch on but how? Well some nerdy research type have been spending their time (and possibly tax payers’ money) to find out… Read More

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The dark art of SEO

Ever wondered how to get a first page search result on Google? Well the answer ain’t always steely determination and a dash of luck as this New York Times piece explains. It’s lengthy but worth the read if SEO at all interests you. Non profits are fortunate to generally have less SEO competition that our civilian pals in fast moving consumer goods or financial services. That said, a little effort from some of us may yield marked improvements…. Read More

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Hey you – money grabbing professional! Read this.

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We don’t always agree with Vern Hughes but Hootville is a bastion of free opinion thus we publish his recent Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece here. In short; Vern criticises the increasing professionalism and corporatisation of community groups and yearns for a return to kitchen table independence and volunteerism.

He writes: “Most organisations with a history of more than three decades are unrecognisable from the groups that formed in church halls and around kitchen tables in a previous era.”

Read More

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