Beating Facebook and EdgeRank into submission

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OK you know by now that interaction from your friends with your Facebook content is vital. So what gets the interaction started? Try these:

facebook polls create interaction

Vote early, vote often.

Polls – regular, quick, fun or serious. Polls are interactive by nature.

Facebook advice

Open up a conversation.

Ask for comments – studies prove that asking for comments creates more comments. Who knew? Yep it’s obvious but how much of what you write on your Facebook page is questioning and how much is telling?

Facebook photos improve EdgeRank

Pictures tell thousands of words. Many about dachshunds.

Photos insist on interaction as they are small and need clicking for a fair display. Studies show that videos – yours or someone elses – have far greater power over readers than text alone. 

Facebook EdgeRank likes links

You're only as strong as your weakest...

Links – particularly when they are to sites other than your own – show your readers that you care about more than just generating traffic.

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