Another nonprofit sector loss: food labelling

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More proof that corporate Australia can overpower nonprofit lobby groups at will and bend government around its talon. In short, Australasia’s food manufacturers are close to getting their wicked ways on food labelling law overhauls.

food labelling laws

Colour coded, fructose-rich, circular crunch disks.

The details are depressing but in short; food manufacturers will likely be able to make grand health claims for their products only to be verified later if a complaint is raised. Claims such as this:

”Carbo-loaded power pack of energy. As part of a balanced diet and regular exercise regime, Nutri-Grain helps fuel your personal best every time.”

This is great news for makers of high sugar “detoxifying” juices and “energy boosting” chocolate bars. Corporate 1, Consumers 0. Again. Oh dear.

Good luck in the final months of battle Choice and Public Health Association of Australia – our fat, snacky, carbo-loaded nation needs you.

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