Tacky tie-ins

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On top of everything, it costs MORE than double the 9-hole fee to play 18 holes.

We are all for timing one’s marketing to tie-in with public events, milestones or catalysts but these two PRfails are just awful.

Mind you, if we don’t play golf at these crazy prices (left), the terrorists win. You can tell how respectful they are by the capital C in Commemorate.

And then there’s this awful attempt by a marketing blogger to explain how the attacks of 2001 created sweeping changes in…marketing. It was written in September 2006 and is a sad example of an author who wants to appear thoughtful, respectful and relevant – when all they are doing is trying to fill some space with enough keywords to attract some 9-11 anniversary internet traffic. Worth a read – if only to cringe. It’s title: September 11th – a marketers reflection. Cringing yet? The end bit is glorious.


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