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Are these award winning videos really that good?

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You’ll enjoy slacking off “researching” these award-winning NFP videos from the  DoGooder Awards. We like the handwashing promotion best – simple, silent, shows what the charity does, celeb-free and uses production techniques that we could all emulate.

The others are pretty darn clever-pants, v mainstream, dependent on $$$ or pro-bono help. Lining up 24 celebs isn’t creative. They are all too long, though these are no doubt the fullest unedited versions. We know we shouldn’t kvetch so much but still…

big Brown gift gets big hit for Bush

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Jess Hunichen scored this nice hit for client Bush Heritage Australia which was inspired by Sen. Bob Brown’s donation of his Oura Oura property in northern Tasmania to Bush Heritage Australia. Good use of storytelling by CEO Doug Humann.

Welcome to Hootville 3.0

Our latest online incarnation is built on WordPress and carries the hopes and dreams of its owners on its digital shoulders. Not really but we are excited to have a new site that will do more than our previous site including give away champagne. More on that elsewhere. Read More

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Anyone for champagne?

2011 will see a greater emphasis from us on training and MCing which is why we’re offering rewards for information leading to such gigs. It’s like Crimestoppers but for training and MCing. Read More

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