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Too Little, Too Late, Too Lame
Critical incident response advice inspired by Covid-19. Crises come in many shapes and sometimes they come fast. You know how it is – one hungry shopper in Hubei tucks into a wild and endangered specie and all of a sudden there’s free childcare in Western Sydney. When crises unfold communicatons professionals... More »

How I got 28,000 Change.org.au signatures
Late last year I angrily sat down and did something I’ve never done before – launch a Change.org.au petition. It aims to combat Apple’s Victorian government-approved plan to knock down a fair swathe of Federation Square to build a corporate megastore. Frankly I always thought Change.org.au petitions were somewhat naff... More »

Want media coverage? Think visually.
Join me April 27 for my Media Savvy workshop. Whether or not your story idea results in media coverage depends on many factors: timing, talent, exclusivity, topicality and many others besides. This bizarre form on the left, a creation by Australian artist Paula Piccinini at the behest of Victoria’s Transport... More »

How to facilitate
How to emcee or facilitate a session The call comes unexpectedly. It’s the event organiser: “Would you mind facilitating a session at the upcoming event? No big deal. A few speakers, some intros, some Q&A. You know the deal. Cool?” “Sure. Why not.” Now what? A facilitators’ role is to... More »

How to fake confidence
I recently delivered my public speaking workshop Presentation Savvy to a global NGO.  The room was full of smart, serious, accomplished people – world travellers, post-nominals, senior gigs – you get the drift. Yet one question created such interest that I thought it was worth a blog. The question: how do... More »