Marketing Savvy


Public Marketing Savvy workshop in Melbourne: Tuesday February 23.

Or anywhere, anytime on demand. 

Here’s the choice – market or die. Marketing is much more than a logo, though that’s a part of it. Marketing Savvy ensures your organisation stands for something; that you have a position in the marketplace and that you can communicate this to your audiences.

You can’t just get that sorted with a paid advertisement in the weekend paper because marketing is much than advertising though that’s part of it too.

Good marketing ensures that you express your point of difference in all the ways you market and communicate from your printed publications, to the message people listen to when you put them on hold. Marketing Savvy helps you know your audience, your brand and your marketing options.

marketing workshop in melbourne

Visit our Marketing Savvy website for all the details.

This marketing workshop introduces nonprofits, small to medium businesses and government programs to marketing more effectively. Marketing Savvy gives participants dozens of specific, practical ways to improve their marketing immediately. Then this is backed up with coaching. Why not investigate what Marketing Savvy is all about?


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