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Searching for that last vital .34

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emcee for hire Sydney

Brett keeps his Auslan interpreter's hands full.

The feedback is in for Brett’s Disability Employment Australia conference emceeing performance. It was his fifth turn so you’d think he’d have it down pat by now but it seems he is still short of perfect – 0.34 short of perfect to be precise. The 600 or so conference-goers rated him a 4.66 points out of a possible 5. Brett is devastated to not be granted a perfect five. That’s his problem. If you want an emcee that divides your audience (between 4.5 and 5 out of 5) contact Hootville today.

In other recent moments of testimonial bliss David Seignior Melbourne program director at Centre for Sustainability Leadership said of Brett’s recent Media savvy 101 presentation: “We can’t express enough how grateful we are. We are certain you have upskilled our Fellows. Thanks.”  

Jan Phyland Communications Manager with Southern Cross Care said of her Social Media Savvy 101 webinar:  “I got more from those two hours than anything I had heard previously.  So kudos to you!!”

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Social Media Savvy 101 webinar announced

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Due to public demand (yes, really) we are holding another Social Media Savvy 101 webinar Friday August 17. All the details right here. This will be the only Social Media Savvy 101 webinar until at least 2013.

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Facebook app

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facebook apps for nonprofits
This appears on the NGV Facebook page. Who could resist the offer to Napoleonise oneself?

Jay McCormack and Brett de Hoedt recently co-presented App Savvy 101. The session looked at both smartphone and Facebook apps. Facebook apps are probably lower on the priority list of many nonprofits but they do offer a way to build on your existing Facebook efforts. They may be a way to boost engagement and build friends. Apps may be more game-like than information based.

facebook apps
A simple three stage process.


Here’s what Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) has gone with to promote its Napoleon exhibition.

The pictures to the left tell the tale of this Facebook app in action. What a cute, fun and shareable idea.

facebook app development
Voila! Dignified, authoriative and low-to-the-ground, much like the man himself.
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Media training in regional Victoria

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Brett will be donning Akubra, moleskins and Driza-Bone for a May jaunt through regional Victoria delivering Online Savvy 101 to members of the Hume region Family Violence Alliance.

media training in regional victoria

Brett will present the sessions wearing headwear similar to this.

The three sessions will take him to Benalla, Nagambie and Beechworth training about 20 folk in each town. It’s time to saddle up the old Honda and mosey up the Hume.

In keeping with this non-metropolitan setting Brett will be conducting the all-day sessions exclusively in his best Russell Crowe accent.

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How influential are you on Twitter?

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There are various ways to measure one’s worth as a Twitterer – the number of followers you have, the difference between the number of followers you have and the number that you follow and of course how often your tweets are retweeted. Hell – you may even analyse the value of the contents you disseminate.

social media training

Just 191,738 places to go...

One free, immediate way to measure and track your worth is at Retweet Rank which measures your retweets and ranks you accordingly. We mention this not because Retweet Rank ranks Hootville in the top 6% of tweeters globally but because…you know…we care about you. Deeply.    


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You probably have not heard of this StopKony thing but…

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StopKony twitter chart

Truly an overnight sensation.

Oh – you have? But we haven’t mentioned it. Who told you? Oh.

Well in any case this article from the New York Times details how the virus spread.

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Facebook changes for nonprofits afoot

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We’re Facebook cynics. Longer term Citizens know that we feel Facebook’s EdgeRank system is an immovable object separating you from you fans / friends. (In fact we wrote five posts about Facebook last year, each one a gem.) Hootville gets it greatest response from email, then Twitter. Facebook is cooler than shouting out the window and about equally as effective. Social media is a funny bugger to deal with.

facebook for nonprofits

Of course, if you are a global force use Facebook and its new look design. For the rest of us...

Anyhoo Facebook is rolling out changes for its Pages format which is popular with many nonprofits and their corporate cousins. Have an ogle at these early adopting Facebook-lovin’ nonprofits.  

It’s easy to argue that the new look is more appealing visually. It’s a lot more like a Welcome Tab (a special landing tab for your Facebook visitors as opposed to immediately seeing your Wall) which we’ve been recommending as the best way to improve your Facebook Page performance.

Our tough love advice? Tweet and invest in a website that is updated very regularly and encourages comments and interaction. Use email and Twitter to drive traffic to it.  have you checked which channels drive traffic to your site? We have but we still use Facebook anyway. For now.

Do you get value from Facebook? Comments welcome.

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best Facebook pages for organisations

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social media training

Most leading Facebook pages implore visitors to like them. (Desperados.)

Whenever Brett delivers Online Savvy 101 he gets a chance to spread his discontent with Facebook which he believes underdelivers for many organisations. Here; to counterbalance his negativity are a bunch of 15 Facebook pages from organisations (corporate) that all have good habits worth copying.

This is the sort of content that is covered in the December 1 webinar Social Media Savvy 101. Is learning how to use Facebook and Twitter more effectively worth two hours and $200?



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