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Breaking: Some woman wants a job

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Jo Sutton called looking for work and we were suitably impressed so (instead of a career) we offered her space on our website to self-spruik. We’ve never met her. And yes, we referred her to Australia’s nonprofit job epicentre Anyhoo this is what she wrote:

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This is how we picture her. Note: she may not resemble this image.

Communications professional seeking to make your organisation stand out!

If you’re looking for someone who’ll be more than just an employee, but also your organisation’s best advocate, then we need to talk!

With skills in media engagement, communication and campaigning – and a deep passion for social justice – I have the skills and the enthusiasm to make your organisation stand out.

My experience spans across local government, the not-for-profit sector and media, in both paid and voluntary positions.

I’ve worked on newspapers, magazines, websites and social media. I’ve written media releases, responses, background papers, speeches, newsletters, news articles and feature stories. I’ve developed communications strategies and campaign materials. I’ve trained people for interviews and I’ve managed media relationships.

With a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and the majority of a Master of Arts (International Relations), I have a firm grounding in a) good writing and b) international issues.

What you’ll find in my work is clearly communicated ideas, and well thought-out calls to action. You’ll also see the best media relationships in your organisation’s history, and greater enthusiasm from would-be supporters.

Right now, I’m looking for a job where I can make a difference – a job where my skills will help your organisation impact other people’s lives, for the better!

If you’re interested in finding out more about me, please send an email to

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Help please: we need to professionally categorise you.

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Hootville is compiling a list of job categories. (We’ll soon explain why). Could your job and the jobs of your colleagues fit reasonably into one of the categories below? Hope so. We don’t want an overly long list of hyper-specific categories but neither do we want to exclude any worthwhile categories. Press comment to leave us your thoughts. Thanks advancefully. So here’s our efforts to pigeon-hole the entire nonprofit workforce:

Accounting & finance


Case management

Call centre

Chief executive senior management

Community development

Counselling and psychology

Disability support work

Drug and alcohol

Early childhood




Education officers

Fundraising, grants, development

Graphic design

Health promotion

Housing officer

Human resources




Occupational therapists / physiotherapists

Program coordination

Marketing, Communications and PR

Membership management

Medical (non nursing)

Migration and asylum seeker support


Personal care

Policy advisor

Project management


Volunteer management

Youth worker