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Calling all verts.

NEW: Present Savvy now has its own standalone website with all the details you want.

We are staging a public Present Savvy workshop for public speakers at Melbourne’s Hotel Lindrum Wednesday November 11. Limited places, maximum impact.

Hootville’s fun, dynamic, challenging one day public speaking workshop Present Savvy is delivered to order across Australia. It can be one-to-one, though we usually train a group which allows good habits to spread quickly. We work with the private sector, nonprofits and government.

Be a better public speaker today

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Good news – it all starts with knowledge.

Some public speaking trainers hoard their wisdom. We give it away. Read this blog post which introduces the public speaking pyramid. It outlines the key ingredients of a great presenter. Good news – it’s not all about slick PowerPoint presentations and dramatic pauses.


To the reserved and the shy Brett says this: “People who dread public speaking need Present Savvy the most. Their lack of confidence is stymieing their career and their impact. Nothing better reduces fear of public speaking than being good at public speaking. This workshop won’t turn you in to Barack Obama but it will make you someone to which people will pay attention. I don’t turn introverts into extroverts. I work with people as they are.”

Brett: “I 100% guarantee everyone who does Present Savvy will become a better presenter.

Call Brett today: 0414 713 802.

Public Present Savvy workshop Melbourne, Wednesday November 11 2015


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