Media coverage should get priority

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Prioritise media coverage over other committments

Your typical conference crowd. Worth suiting up for we guess.

When a media opportunity beckons it’s time to cancel the four o’clock by which  we mean it deserves priority. After all, media opps are too good to pass up – but often they are. We suspect it’s because the audience is invisible.  Think of it like this:  

People get excited about speaking at conferences. An audience of 300 people (often peers and the usual suspects) will justify interstate travel, preparation time, lots of interested inquiries and good wishes from management. And rightly so.

It would be frowned upon for a member of staff not to take up the opportunity or to stand in the way of a collegue getting an opportunity. And rightly so.

Question – what’s the biggest conference audience you’ve seen? 1000+ in one room at a time is rare in Australia, especially outside the medical field. 300 to 500 is typical.

Yet a media hit – say afternoon talk radio – can easily yield 25,000 people. To put it bluntly – that’d be a freakin’ big conference. Yet we see many organisations offered these opportunities pass, obfuscate, delay, dilly and dally. “Can we do the interview next week?” Aaagh.

media audience vs conference

World's biggest conference? Nope - just a typical radio audience.

Would they dilly and dally if there was a chance to speak at a conference of 25,000 people; even for only 8 minutes? Of course not. They’d be thrilled. And rightly so. Would they ask for the conference to reschedule to accommodate them? Of course not.

That’s why PR type people should have the respect to insist that their spokespeople do media; from the CEO down, unless there’s a great reason not to. Unlike conferences, media expands your influence – and they don’t come round every year. We welcome your comments.

3 Responses to Media coverage should get priority

  1. Kevin Ekendahl says:

    Another very good article Hootville. You alsways have a way of putting things into perspecrive.

  2. Like the great perspective you’ve brought to this issue. Thinking of trying a new tactic; under stating audience of media opps by 90%!

  3. Brad Kingsbury says:

    As somebody who has been on both sides of the media fence (as a newspaper journalist and now a comms manager) I can guarantee that every word of this is 100% true. Getting it through to the organisation is the trick.